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What is a Quartz or Marble Carpet?

Bespoke flooring for every situation!

Quartz / Marble Carpet slips seamlessly from room to room, creating continuity and harmony. Incredibly hard-wearing, and so classy they’ll become as much of a focal point as your furniture.

Quartz / Marble Carpet is a slip-resistant natural stone floor that combines a unique, foot-massaging finish with natural quartz granules in a clear low resin finish for an uncluttered, sophisticated look that can be found in some of the most luxurious residences and bespoken commercial projects throughout the world.

Seamless when finished, a Quartz / Marble Carpet floor in installed on site and can accommodate any contour in the surfaces, leaving you with a clean, modern look that adds gracious beauty to your home.

Made out of millions of stones, polished by nature our floors are compatible with radiant heat and are ideal for every room in your home. With the same maintenance as a regular carpet, Quartz / Marble carpet is the result of over 30 years of product development in Europe, having developed a unique coating system for quartz granules that ensure uniform color, UV stability and a color range with over 1,000 color options.

A few of Quartz / Marble Carpet’s benefits:

  • Anti-slip texture

  • Infinite color range and combinations

  • Stain resistant

  • 25 + year projected life cycle

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Naturally beautiful

  • Totally seamless

Quartz / Marble Carpet can be installed over existing concrete or tiles with virtually no limitations in design – and can also be applied over tile backer board. Ideal for asthma sufferers or for anyone who wants a dust-free environment and a warm floor at the same time.

They are hand applied floor's that results in a seamless floor system (no grout to maintain).

Widely used in residential and commercial settings, from living rooms to conference rooms this hard wearing, low-maintenance natural stone finish offers the ultimate in luxury flooring options for the most discerning clients.

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