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 Floors that are in a class of their own 

Natural elegance, luxurious design

Our Marble Collection is made with marble sourced from the foothills of the Alps in Northern Italy.  We select only the most exceptional pieces of marble which are then ground down to a suitable size before being polished smooth


Our marble comes in 20 natural shades, that can be combined to your tastes, the possibilities are endless. 

Once you have chosen your colour, our master craftsmen will mix your marble pieces with an epoxy resin to create that seamless finish that only a natural stone carpet provides. 

The final sealing process traps ambient air between the marble granules making your marble carpet both warm and comfortable. This process also ensures that your new floor will require very little maintenance. 


Easy to clean

Low maintenance 

Suitable for almost any interior space

20 natural marble shades - limitless combinations

Custom blends unique to you

Seamless, no grout to clean

High non-slip properties

Warmer than tiles

Extremely durable

Compatible with underfloor Heating

Comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet

*Technical Data Sheet available upon request.



Your marble carpet floor is designed to require minimal maintenance no matter where it is located.

  • Clean with vacuum cleaner

  • Occasionally mop with water and PH neutral cleaner

  • High-use areas require shampooing

  • Non-porous surface prevents mold growth 

  • No moisture accumulation

  • Sealed floor deters the growth of bacteria

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