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Sometimes simple is better

Subtle strength 

Once the mainstay of commercial flooring solutions due to their durability, floors in our liquid floor collection have become extremely popular with domestic clients who are looking for a minimalist finish that complements contemporary decor. 

Composed entirely of plant oils, the liquid floor collection is 100% organic and 100% UV stable. It’s even found to reduce noise as it absorbs sound

Smooth and non-absorbent, this type of floor has surprising non-slip properties making it the ideal choice for both the home and commercial properties.


In fact, floors in the liquid floor collection are so adaptable that they can be installed in virtually any space.


Easy to clean

Beautiful selection of colour 

Available in any RAL, NCS or Sikkens colour

100% seamless

Warmer than tiles

Compatible with underfloor heating

Sound absorbing

Flexible, can be installed over hairline cracks in screeds

High non-slip properties

Durable, will last as long as desired

Comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet

*Technical Data Sheet available upon request.

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Our Liquid Floor Collection is designed to require minimal maintenance no matter where it is located.

  • Clean with vacuum cleaner

  • Occasionally mop with water and PH neutral cleaner

  • High-use areas require mopping only

  • Non-porous surface prevents mold growth 

  • No moisture accumulation

  • Sealed floor deters the growth of bacteria

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