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A waterproof concrete finish

Traditional style, modern benefits

Our concrete look collection has become increasingly popular in interior design as homeowners look for an alternative to tiling in spaces such as bathrooms, wetrooms, and kitchens. 

The concrete look is a trowelled finish that gives a polished concrete look without the need to pour significant amounts of concrete.

Thanks to a protective coating of polyurethane this look is 100% waterproof and has a highly scratch-resistant matt or silk finish. This also means that it requires very little maintenance. 

This finish is available in any RAL colour and can be laid directly over existing tiles or an existing concrete subfloor. This makes it an ideal option for wetrooms with matching walls and floors.


Easy to clean

Alternative to polished concrete

Available in  RAL, NCS or Sikkens colour

100% seamless

Warmer than tiles

Compatible with underfloor heating

Matt or Silk finish

Can be installed on walls or floors

100% watertight - ideal in wetrooms

Durable, will last as long as desired

Comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet

*Technical Data Sheet available upon request.

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Our Concrete Look Collection is designed to require minimal maintenance no matter where it is located.

  • Clean with vacuum cleaner

  • Occasionally mop with water and PH neutral cleaner

  • High-use areas require mopping only

  • Non-porous surface prevents mold growth 

  • No moisture accumulation

  • Sealed floor deters the growth of bacteria

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