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Resin Bound Aggregates Ireland

A new alternative to traditional exterior surfaces

Incredibly strong, surprisingly flexible

The Natural Stone Carpets Exterior Collection is a resin bound aggregate surface that we developed specifically for outdoor spaces.


Customisable and available in a natural gravel or marble finish, our exterior flooring solutions are a long-lasting alternative to traditional tarmac, concrete, or gravel options.

The resin used in our exterior floors differs from other resins on the market due to its incredible flexibility. It has the capacity to expand and contract in all weather conditions. This prevents cracking and ensures a longer lifetime for your exterior floor. 

All Natural Stone Carpets Exterior floors are porous and allow rainwater to seep through to the substrate, ensuring that puddles and flooding in your driveway, patio, or pathways are a thing of the past.


Easy to clean wtih power hose
Resistant to moss and weed growth 
Excellent adhesion to the substrate
Porous (no standing water on surface)
Excellent load-bearing properties
UV stability colours and designs available
Recycled aggregates can be incorporated
Flexible in extremes of weather

*Technical Data Sheet available upon request.



Our Exterior Collection is designed to be long-lasting requiring minimal maintenance. 

  • Brush or clean with power hose

  • Resin prevents the growth of weed and moss

  • SuDs compliant

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