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When it comes to purchasing new flooring, carpet underlay is a must-have. Underlay improves the feel of your flooring underfoot, improves wear, and reduces noise. Therefore choosing a suitable underlay is crucial.

Natural Stone Carpets has professionals on staff who can assist you in making the best decision for your house and budget.

Natural Stone Carpets' home flooring surveyors and in-store specialists are on hand to provide expert advice on selecting the best underlay for your project and ensuring that your new flooring looks and feels lovely.

Natural Stone Carpets provides high-quality underlay to help your carpet or flooring last longer. Natural Stone Carpets offers experienced guidance, guidelines, and services.


Our carpet underlay is suitable for all types of properties – large or little, commercial or residential – and will ensure that your carpet is long-lasting, soft, warm, and comfortable to walk on.


A Varied Range of Carpet Underlay is Available

Underlay is a layer of material that sits beneath your flooring and provides a variety of benefits. It shields your flooring from abrasion and extends its life. We specialize in insulating and comfy underlayment that gives a touch of luxury to your home. For your home's subfloor, you'll need the correct one. Most floor types, including carpet, laminate, vinyl, and wood, are suitable for our products.

The Most Comfortable

The luxury carpet underlays from Natural Stone Carpets are thick, dense, and spongy, giving unrivalled underfoot cushioning. Our high-quality varieties improve the suppleness of your home's flooring. When you walk, they absorb impacts and cushion your feet. That is to say, and your carpets are pretty comfortable.

It Improves the Appearance of Carpets

Our Underlays absorb shock and impacts from heavy foot traffic, allowing your carpet to retain its spring for longer. This keeps the pile from flattening and protects your carpet, ensuring that it appears new for the rest of its life.

Improves the Insulation of Your Home

Our high-tog underlays provide additional insulation for your home. Cold air is blocked by the thick, dense materials, while warm air is prevented from escaping. They retain a lot of heat and can help you save up to 15% on your energy expenses!

It Aids in Noise Reduction

A carpeted floor with an underlay will act as a sound barrier, allowing you to live in a more peaceful environment. It can lower in-room noise by up to 30% for wood and laminate flooring. They also make the rooms below quieter.











It Extends the Life of Carpets

Our products work as shock absorbers, preventing wear and tear and potentially prolonging the life of your carpet by up to 50%. A suitable underlay will help protect your flooring from moisture from the subfloor, preventing dampness damage.

Improves Sanitary Conditions

Your underlay will also act as a barrier to the filth that has become ingrained. The carpet pile is preserved by using carpet underlay, which is easier to clean and more hygienic. We have the best underlay that also repels moisture to keep your home free of damp stains and odours.

The best carpet underlay for you will be determined by where you plan to install it and what you want it to do. Most are excellent for commercial and residential use, but please read the product information thoroughly and select an underlay that matches your specific needs and specifications.

We provide a wide range of renowned brands as a top provider. We also have a large selection of carpet underlay accessories in store. So, whatever your requirements are – whether you want something hot, comfortable to walk on, or suited for use with underfloor heating – we have the perfect answer.

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