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Dublin's Best Carpet Installation

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Are you looking for a quick and straightforward approach to freshen up your home's decor? Do you want the most bang for your buck? - Replace your flooring! It has the most significant influence on the overall appearance and feel of your room. Natural Stone Carpets can install your new carpet using the Levitate Lift System, which means you'll have little to no downtime. After hours, your furniture is taken off the floor, and new modular flooring is fitted. You won't have to move the table, your employees won't be inconvenienced, and you won't have to deal with any headaches and get the best carpet installation in Dublin.

Carpet removal and installation take place outside of regular office hours. The carpet squares will be replaced using the "Levitate Lift System," which allows the team to replace the carpet beneath the current workstations while causing minimal inconvenience to your facilities and employees.

Our carpet installers usually work in groups of four to five and may remove and install 150 to 300 yards of carpet a night. The crew only eliminates the amount of old carpeting that matches the new carpet they want to lay each night, ensuring that there is never a significant section of unfinished bare floor. Additionally, each night, the crew cleans up after themselves, vacuuming as needed.

Methods for Efficient Carpet Fitting

Carpet installation is our speciality. We've spent years as a firm fine-tuning our method and producing the most solid and safe installation technique possible. We're glad to state that we've perfected it, and no one does it better than us today.

We'd also be pleased to help you remove an old carpet and replace it with a new subfloor. Before the installation day, we may also assist you with eliminating mouldings and baseboards if necessary. Our installers are conscientious and precise. We are dedicated to technical quality and will ensure that your carpet is perfectly cut, taut, and leaves enough area for your doors to swing open.

Furthermore, we'll keep the job site clean for your safety and peace of mind from start to finish and remove any garbage after we're done. We'll only leave a stunning, brand-new carpet behind.


Flooring Contractors Who Are Certified

Our contracting team's expertise is the cause for our success. We are a team of trained and insured flooring professionals who are passionate about what we do. Over the years, we've put tens of thousands of square feet of carpet. To put it simply, we've mastered the art.

We also have a lot of experience with other types of carpet flooring, such as broadloom carpets and carpet tiles. Consider us a one-stop shop for all your carpeting needs.

Furthermore, we can provide lightning-fast turnaround times because of our streamlined installation and state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Before you know it, we'll be in and out of your home.


Carpet Installation That Isn't Messy

In more ways than one, our installation process is effortless. Our technicians take every measure to produce a seaming diagram that accurately cuts and arranges carpets to cover seams for carpet installation. How are we going to do it? Years of experience. The telegraphing and peaking patterns of various carpet kinds are well-known to our installers. We work hard to keep seams out of traffic areas and doorway openings so that you only see a uniform, seamless appearance for years to come.

Caring for Your Carpet After It's Been Installed

After we've installed your carpet, our experts will provide you with expert guidance on how to best care for it afterwards. New rugs shed fibres on their own. Typically, loose threads can be easily removed by vacuuming them periodically. Small tufts of carpet may occasionally rise from the surface but remain attached to the flooring. Sprouting is the term for this process. Sprouts may be easily removed with a simple pair of scissors.


Your new carpet may wrinkle in rare situations. Don't be alarmed if this occurs. With another visit, the creases can be quickly corrected. Contact us, and we'll set up the best carpet installation in Dublin for you.

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