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Best Carpet for Stairs and Landings

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It takes some thought to choose the proper carpet for your stairwell, landing, or hallway. Because stairs are a high-traffic location in most houses, the symptoms of wear and tear will appear all too quickly if you choose the wrong product. One of the best ways to personalize your area is to use stair runners. Stair and landing carpets from Nature Stone Carpets are of the highest quality.

One of the essential features of our carpet is that it softens every footfall and reduces noise. It would be best if you bought a sturdy rug for your stairwell that can withstand pulls and tears. The carpet you choose for your stairs is not the same as the carpet you choose for your bedroom or living room. We provide you with a functional rug, and the most durable rug you can buy complements your decor.


Our Wool carpet is unquestionably the most luxurious option. To name a few of its advantages, it is long-lasting, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly, noise-insulating, and static-resistant. A carpet made entirely of wool is the ultimate, while a synthetic and wool blends carpet is a more reasonable option. Wool won't flatten or matte down quickly, making it ideal for areas with a lot of foot traffic, such as your staircase.

Best Carpets for Your Home

There is a common misunderstanding that the thicker the carpet, the higher the face weight. The truth is that face weight is merely one of several factors that go into assessing a rug's quality. Some of the thickest carpets can be airy, making them inappropriate for use on a stairwell. The weight of the carpet pile/fibre per square yard is known as carpet face weight. The word refers to the weight of the carpet's fibres only, not the backing. Please note that this is not to be confused with the carpet's total weight, which is the sum of the pile/fibre and backing weights.


Your staircase carpet must not only be functional and long-lasting, but it must also be attractive. The days of unattractive, pale beige carpeted stairs are over, whether you choose our full-width rug or a runner. Even though most people believe that hard surfaces are the way to go for stairwells, patterned and textured carpet runners make a comeback. Your stairwell is the perfect area to let the details shine! Stairs can make a statement and attract your eye up or down, and they are frequently a focal point as you enter your home. Our high-end carpet runner will also keep your stairs warm and add to your home décor.

The possibilities are unlimited, depending on your taste and décor.




We Have the Best Quality

Because of their "wow" factor and visual impact, our Stripes are a popular choice. Striped carpets are also good since they complement the angles of a staircase and produce magnificent effects.

The animal is a striking print that makes a statement. A stair runner is a terrific way to incorporate it into your decor without taking over a room's design if you like animal print. It's eye-catching and on-trend, whether it's leopard print, zebra print, or any other animal pattern, in subtle or dramatic colours.


Our herringbone design is both traditional and modern. In practice, your eye is pulled to the broad area of the "V," and the broken zigzag shape generates an optical illusion that makes the stairs appear wider.

The use of geometric patterns adds aesthetic interest to a room. They capture the attention and give the stairwell a feeling of purpose and design. The path can be employed on a small or large scale, and it serves to ground the area.

We propose lighter-coloured carpets with a speckled, textured, flecked, or spotted pattern to disguise marks if you prefer light colours. The use of a design or stripe is every day and can help hide wear and tear. Deep and gloomy colours can make places like hallways, staircases, and landings feel smaller because they lack natural light. However, keep in mind that white and light-coloured carpets can stain readily.

Last but not least, don't skimp on your underpadding! It's just as crucial as your stair carpet, so replace both simultaneously if you're changing your mat. Quality underpadding cushions your stair carpet and prevents it from flattening on the hard floor, causing premature wear and tear.

We have everything from patterns to designs. Nature Stones Carpets has the most extraordinary carpets for stairwells and landings.

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